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Workshops and Retreats for Women Only

Inalex is proud to announce the addition of our Women's Workshop and Retreats track now available to the bleeding disorder community. These full day workshops will help you enrich and enhance your life. The sessions address a wide range of compelling issues such as reducing stress, coping with grief and loss, improving your self-esteem, creating a new and improved you!


Inalex Welcomes New Staff Members

We are excited to welcome Paula Gomez-Stordy, who is bi-lingual and will be focusing on developing and presenting our Spanish programming, and Sharon Ingram who has vast personal experience in our community and is a subject matter expert on women’s issues within the bleeding disorder community.

Paula Gomez-Stordy has been on the Inalex Communications faculty since 2015, She has over 20 years of non-profit experience working with families experiencing domestic abuse in various institutional settings, such as:  courts, hospitals, shelters, and community based organizations.   She has extensive training and public speaking experience presenting statewide and nationally, in both English and Spanish, on various topics including trauma, mental health, substance abuse, advocacy, oppression, immigration, and cultural competence.  She is a co-chair of the Massachusetts Women of Color Network and a member of the Essex County Status of Women Commission. She lives in Middleton, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

Sharon Ingram has been on the Inalex Communications faculty since 2015. Her focus is Human Services Counseling and is a Board Certified Practitioner, CWHC. She is a certified wellness and health coach who integrates wellness coaching holistically. Her passion is to support individuals in need of making lasting lifestyle behavioral changes. She is a compassionate professional skilled in assisting others to utilize their intrinsic motivation to achieve the optimum level of balance and overall wellness he or she desires. Sharon’s experience also includes working with clients and providers to research best practiced methodology to improve health and embracing wellness. She is committed to teach individuals how to advocate for themselves by locating affordable health services as well as establishing community resources. Sharon lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband Warren.

For more information on our Women's Programs, please click here or Email Joe Caronna at Joe_Caronna@Inalex.com or call 201-493-1399



New Inhibitor DVD – Available January 2016

Inalex is currently in the production phase of our newest informational DVD, focusing on inhibitor education, support and management, for those families recently diagnosed with inhibitors. Our target includes inhibitor patients, friends and family members, Hemophilia Treatment Centers, and other Bleeding Disorder Organizations. This important DVD will provide an intimate reach into the inhibitor community and inform on important topics such as: the diagnosis and introduction to inhibitors, frequency and nature of inhibitors, how and why inhibitors may develop, the signs and symptoms of the diagnosis, options for managing inhibitors, psycho-social issues surrounding inhibitors, and will provide community support and resources to this community.

For more information on the New Inhibitor DVD, or to pre-order the DVD, please Email Joe Caronna at Joe_Caronna@Inalex.com or call 201-493-1399


Partnership Workshop Series

The Partnership Workshop Program Series consists of five, 2-½ hour presentation and discussion, facilitated by Joe Caronna, parent of a child with hemophilia, community advocate, and founder of Inalex. The workshop sessions are led by one of the Inalex subject matter experts, and are highly participative, where mutual support and success build the participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their or their family members bleeding disorder to maintain active and fulfilling lives. The 2 ½ hour session can standalone or can be combined with another function to create a full day event.

For more information on the Partnership Workshop Series, please click here or Email Joe Caronna at Joe_Caronna@Inalex.com or call 201-493-1399


Just for Us Girls — A VWD Workshop for Teens 

The Just For Us Girls workshops are presented to girls 12 to 19 years old, who are living with Von Willebrand Disease in their life. The event is both insightful and interactive, and is designed to provide a forum to challenge thinking, learn new tools to better manage their disorder, and have fun in the process.

For more information on the Just for Us Girls programs, please click here or Email Joe Caronna at Joe_Caronna@Inalex.com or call 201-493-1399

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