Hemophilia workshops for teens

The Father and Son Relationship

The Father and Son Relationship is a one-day workshop that focuses on the impact that fathers have on the lives of their sons when living with a bleeding disorder. In a dynamic presentation, we will examine one of the most overlooked yet critical influences in a family life, the father-son relationship. A growing body of research suggests that when fathers are both physically and emotionally present in their children’s lives, the children are more successful academically and healthier psychologically. Studies also show that men who have warm, nurturing relationships with  their children, are themselves healthier, less depressed and more  successful in their marriages and careers. This provocative presentation inspires dialogue and reflection, challenges stereotypes and offers rare insights into a crucial but largely unexplored subject-the emotionally rich and psychologically complex inner lives of men.

Healthy Relationships: For Teens Only!

This unique program addresses one of the foundational influences on teens that is often overlooked in the bleeding disorder community: gender stereotypes and on building the capacity and skills - speaking and listening, how to give feedback, handling anger responsibly, etc. - for developing healthy relationships to one’s self, friends, dating partners and parents. The comprehensive day begins with establishing group norms and  doing some fun icebreaker games. Next, we explore the central themes - Who Am I? Who am I in the various, important relationships in my life such as hemophilia? What skills and support do I need to stay healthy in relationships? Adolescents then explore the four relationship areas in depth - self, friendships, dating and parents. Using a combination of teaching methods, adolescents will meet in small groups, work individually and engage large group activities.

Your Miracle, Your Life...for Teens Only!

“There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men forced by circumstances meet” ~ General William Haslsey
This workshop asks teens to open themselves up to explore the new paradigm that is in their life…and that is the opportunity to dance with adversity. The adversity of having a bleeding disorder, or another challenge is inviting all to question, grow, and release an old mindset, and discover a new and exciting chapter of life. Our existence will have new purpose and a clearer meaning, our family life will benefit from stronger bonds and a new level of gratefulness, we will recognize our true friends and their importance to us, and we will have a new sense of focus in our life. The hero’s journey is calling, and a miracle is waiting.  Open yourself up to become that miracle in your life.

Siblings: Thicker Than Water 

This informative and interactive workshop is to give young people the chance to  explore their relationship as a sibling, to look at the challenges and unique mopportunities of being a sibling, and to better understand how bleeding disorders affect the entire family. Using powerful storytelling techniques and creative activities and skill-building exercises, this workshop will address the different roles people play in families, as well as learn techniques to speak and listen     respectfully and responsibly while still finding and using your personal power.

The Family Tune Up for Teens

This seminar is intended for teens that have a bleeding  disorder, and their siblings. The workshop is presented in four major components, looking at both positive and negative ways families handle their anger, assertiveness, and aggression, how stress can become chronic and significantly impair a person's health, how a bleeding disorder create special challenges and opportunities for meaningful connections between you and your family.


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