Women's hemophilia workshops

Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance –For Women Only!  

Are the stories you tell about yourself totally compassionate and forgiving?  A number of those in the bleeding disorder community hold shame for aspects of ourselves, and even blame ourselves deep down for the wounding experiences we have had. This workshop will offer women in the bleeding disorder community an opportunity to look at and relate to their stories of wounding in new ways. This workshop will guide them to let go of shame, and to accept and embrace all of who they are. It will free them from self-blame that they may not even realize we are carrying. 

The Courage to Soar

Do you ever feel as though there is not enough time in the day to satisfy you and your needs? Under the best of circumstances women often struggle with balancing the needs of children, husband, work, friends and themselves. Throw in an extra variable like managing a bleeding disorder and it becomes all too easy to do everything for everyone else and forget to do for yourself. This workshop is a workshop solely for YOU. This is a workshop to explore what it is you want—at home, at work and out in the world. It will help you gain clarity on what you’d like to be different in your life and how to go about making that happen. It will push you to look at the ways you’re getting in your own way and will instead teach you to step up and step into the world - and your lives differently and more effectively. This workshop will help women gain clarity, move forward, and soar!

The Family Tune Up for Mothers Only

This seminar is intended for mothers who have children with a bleeding disorder. The workshop is presented in four major components, looking at both positive and negative ways parents handle their anger, assertiveness, and aggression, how stress can become chronic and significantly impair a person's health, how a bleeding disorder create special challenges and opportunities for meaningful connections between you and your partner, and the importance of men as parents.

Getting Your Head On Straight for Mothers

Mothers are at times, amazingly adapt at creating needless  pain and useless suffering, especially when dealing with a  child with a bleeding disorder. They do so by imagining false or extremely unlikely events, exaggerating real problems, and trapping themselves in seemingly impossible contradictions. We will look into how mothers can move from pessimism to optimism in living with a bleeding disorder, as well as learn cognitive approaches that help you deal with typical issues in the bleeding disorders community.

For Women:  Self-Care for Bleeding Disorder Caregivers - Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Caring for a child or partner can be exhausting. Bleeding  disorders affect everyone in the family and as a parent; you can experience a range of emotions     from anger and anxiety to pride and satisfaction.  This workshop is designed to help parents as caregivers identify and accept the feelings encountered while caring for a child with a bleeding disorder as well as learn how to manage the tasks and feelings associated with being a caregiver with greater ease. You will gain a clearer sense of priorities in caring for a loved one as well as explore the power of delegation and becoming comfortable using it. This workshop focuses on increasing your ability to care for yourself and how to care for your own body and spirit. You will learn to create balance so when you are in the role of caregiver you are operating at maximum efficiency!

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