Men's Workshops

Building Strong Relationships: For Men Only! 

Building Strong Relationships for Men is immediately useful in helping men in the bleeding disorder community set and progress toward their relationship goals. Each workshop is tailored to the specific audience within the bleeding disorder community but all workshops will look at how chronic disorders such as hemophilia affect relationships, with specific tools and strategies to address the issues.

Men Matter: The Role of Men in the Face of a Bleeding Disorder  

Men Matter focuses on learning a skill and developing a process that most men never got a chance to do. This workshop has no power nor any interest in telling men what to feel, but rather to help them identify and express whatever they are feeling in a healthy way, and to be comfortable with the feelings of others. Too many men of all ages do not have about half the information they need in order to achieve success in life. The part that they actually get is the thinking half. That's the part that deals with facts, figures, procedures, and information. The part men don't get is the emotional half. This presentation is intended simply to serve as a guide to men within the bleeding disorder community to understanding how to better deal with their feelings. This innovative presentation inspires discussion and reflection, especially as it relates to a bleeding disorder, and does it, as always, with incredible skill, integrity and humor. 

Parenting Skills for Modern Dads

What are men’s roles in the family? More specifically, what does it mean to be a good dad today especially when complicated by a bleeding disorder Connecting the legacy from our fathers to our own experience of fatherhood, the men in this workshop will explore what it means to be a Modern Dad and learn practical skills designed to enhance dad’s relationships with their children, their partners and ultimately themselves.

Retreat to Reclaim and Rejuvenate Ourselves

This is an interactive workshop for men in the bleeding disorders community who want to reclaim a fuller sense of who they are, what their dreams are and how they want to be in relationships. We will form a uniqueness as full human beings. We will look at how our treatment as boys has sometimes left us isolated, confused, desperate, angry, troubled possible.  Sometimes our bleeding disorder, and sometimes other chronic disorders and addictions (i.e., alcohol, drugs, sex, work, perfection, etc)  have not served us well.  During this workshop, we will challenge customs of the “male role” that deny our full humanity and limit our ability to be intimate and loving with ourselves and others. We will help one another think well of ourselves and heal the pain of our past.  Each man in the group will be supported to work at his own pace.

The Family Tune Up for Fathers Only 

This seminar is intended for fathers who have a child with a  bleeding disorder. The workshop is presented in four major components, looking at both positive and negative ways fathers handle their anger, assertiveness, and aggression, how stress can become chronic and significantly impair a person's health, how a bleeding disorder create special challenges and opportunities for meaningful connections between you and your family, and the importance of men as parents.

Getting Your Head On Straight for Men Only

Men within the bleeding disorder community are at times, amazingly adept at creating needless pain and useless suffering, especially when dealing with their bleeding     disorder. They do so by imagining false or extremely unlikely events, exaggerating real problems, and trapping themselves in seemingly impossible contradictions. We will look into how men can move from pessimism to optimism in living with a bleeding disorder, as well as learn cognitive approaches that help you deal with typical issues in the bleeding disorders community.

Responding to Angers Call for Men 

The workshop focuses on identifying and men’s anger style and the different ways men respond to that anger. We all know that anger is a part of life, but each anger style conveys a message.  In a supportive environment, the workshop will allow the men in the bleeding disorder community to identify their primary anger style, and learn techniques to better face the anger that may be hindering them and harming others.  We will discuss alternative opportunities to channel anger in positive ways.     

Reflections of a Journey for Men 

It’s been 30 years since the CDC received its first report of  "AIDS in a person with hemophilia” due to a tainted blood supply. Of course this was just the beginning of a string of events that devastated our bleeding disorders community.  You’d think we’d be over it by now. But that’s not how it works. People are still suffering and dying from the effects of this epidemic. This seminar is intended to offer participants a chance to reflect upon what has happened to each person individually as well as how our community has been forever altered by tragedy. 

Creating Your Goals and Living Your Vision for Men Only!

In a supportive community environment, the men in the bleeding disorder community will learn practical tools and techniques in setting powerful, inspiring and achievable goals.  Whether it’s used to better manage your bleeding disorder, your health, career, or your life, the attendees will identify things they are tolerating, and then identify action steps to clear the “roadblocks of life” by examining their underlying concerns and fears that blocks them from taking action. The men will then identify and develop their own “breakthrough goals” to begin improving their lives! Additionally the workshop will explore the development of strategic action plans and identify the individual and community support needed to move people from wishful thinking into direct and effective powerful action! 


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