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Ways to Maintain and Deepen your Relationships: For Couples Only!

Ways to Maintain and Deepen your Relationships: For Couples Only! is a relationship coaching workshop specifically for couples with a bleeding disorder or have a child with one. In a supportive community environment, participants learn practical tools and techniques, strategies, skills and goal clarity to connect more closely with the one they love. Past participants have praised this dynamic workshop as “empowering, inspiring, heart opening and immediately useful.” It is for couples in a new relationship who want tools to start off successfully, as well as those in long-term, committed relationships who want a deeper connection.

Bleeding Disorders & Loving Couples: The Factor of It!

This workshop provides an opportunity for couples who are affected by a bleeding disorder, to reenergize their relationship.  Together, we will create a space that feels fun and safe to do meaningful work.  Designed for the couple where one partner has a bleeding disorder or couples who have a child with a bleeding disorder. This workshop will address issues specific to couples affected by bleeding disorders as well as issues that are common for all adults in an intimate relationship.  It will provide you with the tools to strengthen your connection with your partner and participants should expect to leave the workshop feeling more love for their partner than when they arrived!  We will also examine how a bleeding disorder affect relationships, with specific tools and strategies to address the issues.

Discovering Positive Lessons in Your Life for Couples Only   

The experience of anyone with a bleeding disorder (and for the people who love them) is in many ways scary, painful, difficult and discouraging.  Still, it is possible to find both meaning and beauty in  the experience – if you are open to this discovery. The goal in this workshop is to help couples in the bleeding disorders community explore these special connections with the universe.

Responding to Angers Call for Couples 

The workshop focuses on identifying and addressing the couple’s anger style and the different ways we respond to that anger. We all know that anger is a part of life, but each anger style conveys a message.  In a  supportive environment, the workshop will allow couples in the bleeding disorder community to identify their primary anger style, and learn techniques to better face the anger that may be hindering them and harming others.  We will discuss alternative opportunities to channel anger in positive ways. 


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