Program Testimonials

Participant Testimonials
  • Doctors may know hemophilia backwards and forward, but they don't know my child's or the parent's emotions. Inalex workshops address those issues. - Sasha C., Oklahoma
  • Thank you Inalex and Baxter, this workshop taught me to become at peace with the past because of the promise of the future. - Joyce W., South Carolina
  • The Hemophilia of North Carolina thanks Baxter for giving us Inalex! - David C., North Carolina
  • This workshop brings out the strengths of people in the bleeding disorder community and also the families coping with hemophilia. - Mary Jane B., Washington D.C.
  • This workshop was the most applicable and engaging Inalex presentation that I've attended. - Taylor C., Virginia
  • Inalex continues to provide education and support not found anywhere else. - Matt I., North Carolina
  • I just LOVED the video and very special stories from others within our community. - Jessica G., Washington D.C
  • This workshop was presented with intelligence and compassion for our community. Well done! - Charlotte Y., California
  • Attending an Inalex workshop, is like starting a new page.... Page 1 ;-) - Tracie J., Washington D.C.
  • This was my first parenting workshop in the bleeding disorder community and was very helpful. Thank you Inalex. - Kim D., Indianapolis
  • The best bleeding disorder presentation I've been to! - Nick C., Virginia
  • This workshop helped me in understanding the world of a bleeding disorder as my grandchild see it. - Bill D., Indianapolis
  • Thank you Inalex, today I learned how to better deal with the anger over my bleeding disorder. - La Donna G., North Carolina
  • Please bring Inalex back next year! Just what we needed. - Joyce G., Virginia
  • Inalex has helped my marriage, my disorder and my relationships. - Chris G., Virginia
  • It's comforting to see other parents that have been through the issues that my husband and I have gone through. Just what we needed…Thank you Inalex! - Amy W., Washington D.C.
  • As usual, the Inalex speaker was great! .... I have attended many great Inalex workshops! Keep up the great work! - Bill H., North Carolina
  • Wow! Dr.Ron's skill and guidance of always relating the topic back to the bleeding disorder community issues, is very effective. I tell people all the time "If you haven't experienced an Inalex workshop yet, you're missing something very special! Thank you for all! - Dave, FL 
  • I learned more about my partner and what he needs in an open, honest and save environment. Because of Inalex, we feel close now. Thank you. - Patricia, Los Angeles, CA 
  • This is the most beneficial workshop that I have ever been to. Everything worked great! - Cheryl, PA
  • The experience I had in this workshop was greatly needed for the whole world of bleeding disorders. It is so good that we have Inalex that broaden and awaken our life. - Jean, NC 
  • It is clear that Inalex and its speakers have been doing this for a long time. They are both experienced and polished and the workshop inspirational and instructional. Great Job! - Nick, VA 
  • I loved it! I believe that this class will help my in all areas of my life! It will make me a better husband and father. Inalex, you have provided me with the knowledge and tools to make me a better person. - Chris, VA
Community Leader Testimonials

Dear Joe,

Thank you so much for bringing "Strengthening Your Family Communications " by John Badalament to our adult retreat in Norfolk, VA. The program was current, interactive, and extremely informative to those adults living with a bleeding disorder and their loved ones. I particularly appreciate that the programming is unique, effective, straightforward, and inspirational and not offered by any other bleeding disorder organization.

During our 35th Anniversary Celebration the adult retreat was extremely well received and one of the most highlighted programs. It wouldn't be so popular without the ongoing partnership of Inalex.

We appreciate your hard work, important workshops, and look forward to partnering together again as we work to improve the quality of life of those living with bleeding disorders.

Executive Director
Virginia Hemophilia Foundation

Dear Joe,

We are so pleased with your programs and thank you for your commitment and support of the bleeding disorders community here in North Carolina.

The Inalex Communications programs continue to be one of the most popular workshops attended in the state. Members look forward to our Adult Retreat every year and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive about the benefits that they receive from sharing, learning and applying the practical approaches to improving the quality of life for themselves and their families.

We can't say enough about the quality of your programs and first class speakers that cover unique topics that are so very important to the community. Our members anticipate the workshops and look forward to the opportunity to experience all you have to offer. On behalf of the North Carolina's Executive Board and the entire community we serve, we thank you for your tireless support.

Hemophilia of North Carolina

Dear Joe,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation. The information presented was extremely interesting and informative and led to excellent open discussions. The programs that you have available are a great asset to the bleeding disorders community. The DVD's that you offer are also a welcomed additional benefit to our community.

I have attended many workshops throughout the many years in this community but I don't recall one more informative and enjoyable than the one Inalex just presented. I am really looking forward to scheduling future presentations from Inalex.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work that you and Inalex are doing!

Executive Director Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation

Dear Joe,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of the Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation (LHF), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your exceptional facilitators for our teen program at the 2012 Annual Meeting and Educational Symposium.

The teens at our event enjoyed the session immensely and went home with valuable tools to help them better communicate with their parents and friends. LHF received many positive comments about the session and all of us at LHF appreciate everything you do for the community. Your service is certainly not something we could afford to pay for and we are so fortunate that Inalex is available to us.

We hope that you will consider presenting to our teens again in the future.

Executive Director Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation


I am writing in support of Inalex Communications and the excellent programs the organization provides for people living with a bleeding disorder throughout the United States. This past weekend we had the opportunity to collaborate with Joe and Inalex to offer a weekend retreat for our adult patients. The retreat participants, mostly older men with hemophilia, were encouraged to explore the issues affecting men with the bleeding disorders and the long and arduous journey that many of them have taken from a childhood with no effective treatment, through the devastation of the AIDS era, and into an uncertain future of aging with a physical and medical challenges that few are prepared to face.

In the able hands of our speaker and facilitator, Dr. Potter-Efron, the group was led through some great conversations that illuminated these challenges and provided a safe emotional forum for the men to talk about their fear, concerns, and hopes with regard to their lives and the physical, social, emotional and practical challenges that they face.

I hope there is continued support for the powerful and insightful work that Inalex Communications is doing around the country. They have made an enormous difference here in the Bay Area over the past eight years.

Adult Hemophilia Program
UCSF Medical Center

Dear Joe,
Thank you for conducting your "Relationship" workshop for couples only! It is difficult for me to find the words that adequately express HANJ's satisfaction with this, as well as previous workshops conducted by Inalex.
As you know, HANJ has always sought to bring cutting edge, high energy, programs and services to our members. This becomes easier to effect through the provision of a safe environment for patient discussions regarding treatment, access to care, anger, quality of life, and certainly relationships. Your program is that safe environment.

The letters we have received from members who have experienced the Inalex program have confirmed our instincts that this program is, in fact, different. That it fills a need we only suspected existed, and that the experience will stay with each participant forever.
Once again Joe, many-many thanks for your passion and your drive on behalf of the hemophilia community. How fortunate for HANJ that you live in New Jersey.
Executive Director of The Hemophilia Association of New Jersey

Dear Joe,
Thank you very much for giving the Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida the opportunity to offer the Inalex Communications education and support program for men with bleeding disorders in Florida. Inalex is a terrific program and the feedback we are receiving has been wonderful.

Joe, it has been a pleasure working with you. You are a dynamic person with a beautiful heart and the bleeding disorder community is very fortunate to have you as an advocate.

Executive Director of The Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida
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