Goals & Services

Our Goals

  • To serve the needs of all those in the bleeding disorder community.
  • To provide a safe forum where families can learn and share their insight, support, and practical advice about bleeding disorders and their effects on families, relationships and lives.
  • To develop and provide bleeding disorder education and materials to families, with an emphasis on
    making the programs effective, straightforward, and inspiring.
  Inalex Goals - Hemophilia Support

Our Services

  • Full Day Workshop: 5 - 7 hour on-site topic specific sessions led by subject matter experts.
  • Weekend Retreat: 2 - 3 day theme specific event led by subject matter experts.
  • Partnering Workshop: 2½ hour Inalex workshop, led by subject matter experts, combined with your non-Inalex related community program to create a full day or stand alone event.
  • Keynote Presentations: 45 – 90 minute session presented by Joe Caronna speaking on topics pertaining to Manhood, Fatherhood, or Parenting issues.
  • Program Facilitator: 60 – 90 minute rap group and discussion session led and facilitated by Joe Caronna.
  • Video Production: Full-service medical and health care video production for health care companies and professionals.


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