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“A Bright Future” DVD Series™ is a 5 volume series that provides all the information needed to get started in managing a healthy lifestyle. Community experts, health professionals, and real-life families living in the bleeding disorder community, present practical information in an easily understandable, documentary style. 

The series has been embraced by the national bleeding disorder community, not only for the effective and practical information the series provides, but also for the hope and inspiration for a bright future! 

A Bright Future volume 1Volume 1 - The Hemophilia Diagnosis: The Parent 

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A Bright Future™ The Hemophilia Diagnosis Volume 1 was created for the parent whose child has recently been diagnosed with hemophilia. This DVD includes testimonials from parents on how they felt during their child’s diagnosis, as well as how they learned to cope and live with the diagnosis. The Information and helpful tips are provided by parents, their children with hemophilia, and medical and professional experts to provide hope, information, and inspiration for a bright future.
“The factual, yet reassuring essence of this DVD is a “must see” for all new parents in this situation. It is truly superb.” – Elena Bostick, Executive Director Hemophilia Association of NJ
“This DVD effectively captures the process parents experienced when diagnosed… It will give others hope that they too can master their new life.” – Debbie & Jorge de la Riva - Parents of a child with a bleeding disorder.
“This DVD is a professional, sensitive, intelligent, and needed education tool for all family members of a child newly diagnosed with hemophilia”  – Dr. Parvin Saidi, M.D., FACP Professor of Medicine and Chief Division of Hematology Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, New Brunswick, NJ

A Bright Future volume 2Volume 2 - The Hemophilia Diagnosis: The Extended Family

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A Bright Future™ The Hemophilia Diagnosis Volume 2 for the Extended Family examines how family relationships can be affected by the hemophilia diagnosis, the impact on the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and close friends, and the importance for the extended family to support the newly diagnosed.  Information and helpful tips are offered by friends and family members, as well as healthcare professionals, to provide hope, information, and inspiration for a bright future.
“Inalex has done it again! This DVD points out the importance and benefits of the extended family involvement...well done!” – Sandi Qualley, Executive Director Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area, Fairfax, VA
“A must see for every family member! This insightful DVD offers the information and support you are looking for...real people, dealing with real issues!” 
– Lisa and Joe Casey, Aunt and Uncle of a Child with a bleeding disorder, Cape Cod, MA 
“This DVD helped me understand how hemophilia passes through my family and I feel much more comfortable knowing that my grandson can have a normal life!” – Mary and Frank Melillo, Grandparents of a Child with Hemophilia, Fort Collins, CO

A Bright Future volume 3Volume 3 - Hemophilia: Teaching the Educators

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The A Bright Future™ Teaching the Educators Volume 3, is a powerful and user-friendly toll to benefit the busy educator who has a child with hemophilia in their school. Teachers and school staff will appreciate the pragmatic strategies present, allowing them to effectively support and manage the student with hemophilia in their classroom. Segments include fear and misperceptions of hemophilia, managing the disorder at home, strategies for a team effort, the Hemophilia treatment Center support, physical activities, identifying signs and symptoms of an injury, and tips and recommendations. School educators, nurses, and parents present concise information and demonstrate the various strategies to provide a bright future.

“As a school nurse, its imperative to have relevant and current information regarding the effective management of our students’ health. This inspiring DVD provides both!” – Mary Gill-Shutt, R.N. Florida
 “This DVD is an invaluable tool to help a teacher meet the needs of a child with hemophilia.” – Anita Penhollow, M.S. E.D, M.A – Middle School Teacher, Colorado
“I’m really impressed by the quality of these DVD and how comprehensive and accurate it is…Nicely Done!” – Nancy Duffy, R.N. Hemophilia Treatment Center Nurse, Ohio
“This informative DVD shows what is possible when parents, educators, and Hemophilia Treatment Centers work together!” – Jeff and Maria Presti, Parents of a Child with Hemophilia, New Jersey

A Bright Future volume 4Volume 4 - Hemophilia: A Time of Transition

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The “A Bright Future™ Hemophilia: A Time of Transition Diagnosis Volume 4 focuses on the sometime complex adulthood process in which the young adult begins taking the steps necessary to achieve measures of independence. This process may be more complicated for the young adult living with a bleeding disorder, but with proper planning, this time can be a period of growth and accomplishment, especially when the young adult have the resources they need to navigate this process. This DVD emphasizes all that is important during this period such as the management of the disorder, building a support network, and maintaining a healthy life style. Information and helpful tips are offered by the young adults, parents, medical, and educational professionals to provide hope, information and inspiration for a bright future.

“Very powerful and informative…yet still personal, inspirational and tender, with great perspective from the resources. Truly an excellent tool and an effective way to broach a sometimes very difficult subject. A Time of Transition covers it all!” – Leslie McGeady, MSW, LISW, Social Worker - Hemophilia Program Coordinator                     
“This very important DVD highlights the very powerful and personal views on parenting that emerges in our community and then celebrates our differences.  I'm glad to see that you've captured that spirit. A great job, and a very valuable gift forus all.” – Susan, Carl Reiser, Parents of young adults with hemophilia.
“A Time of Transition is an effective tool that gives a firsthand view into the lives of young adults and their families as they begin the journey into independence. This DVD shares their challenges, achievements, hopes, and dreams in an informative, heartwarming and realistic way. What a terrific resource for the bleeding disorder community! – Fran Haynes, Executive Director, Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida

A Bright Future volume 5Volume 5 - Hemophilia: Healthy Aging

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The “A Bright Future™ “ - Healthy Aging - Volume 4 - Paving the Way takes the viewer on a warm, and insightful journey, through the lives of three men living with hemophilia. It examines the early challenges of misdiagnosis, treatments, and the struggles of living with the complications of hemophilia. It also celebrates the joys of personal accomplishment, family, and living ones life to the fullest. The DVD also emphasizes the importance of healthy aging, both physically and emotionally, for the men themselves, for their loved ones, and for all those in the bleeding disorder community.  They are the heroes who paved the way for the new generations to come – they are the heroes who allow us to live “A Bright Future”.

“This DVD captures the rich, bittersweet history along with the real life challenges, tragedies, and triumphs of the older bleeding disorders generation. These pioneers have intrinsically and radically changed the lives and well-being for bleeding disorder generations forever…Great job!” – Dana A. Kuhn, Ph.D. / Community Advocate and Leader
“I love the DVD!  The content is great and thorough...These men carry a torch which lights the way for today’s young families, providing a reminder of where we’ve been, the sacrifices made, and a thoughtful look at how to go forward.” – Dana Francis M.S.W – UCSF Hemophilia Treatment Center
“I thought the DVD was great! It was very informative for the younger community who may not understand just how difficult it was for those who paved the way for us all...and I for one am very grateful that they did!” – Tony and Sue Waldron Parents of a child with Hemophilia
“The spirit of the bleeding disorder community shines through on this inspiring DVD. Where one might expect bitterness and despair, instead we find acceptance and hope.” – Dr. Ronald Potter-Efron, MSW, Ph.D Psychotherapist / Author, First Things First Counseling, Eau Claire, WI
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