Adult Workshops

These topics can be presented to the general bleeding disorder community or can be customized for a specific target group such as Men, Women, Couples, Teens.

Discovering Positive Lessons in Your Life 

 The experience of anybody with a bleeding disorder (and for the people who love them) is in many ways scary, painful, difficult and discouraging. Still, it is possible to find both meaning and beauty in the experience – if  you are open to this discovery. The goal in this workshop is to help members of the bleeding disorders community explore these special connections with the universe.

The Family Tune Up   

This seminar is intended for both men and women who have children with a bleeding disorder as well as for men who have the disorder themselves, and the woman who support them. The workshop is presented in four major components, looking at both positive and negative ways men and women handle their anger, assertiveness, and aggression, how stress can become chronic and significantly impair a person's health, how a bleeding disorder create special challenges and opportunities for meaningful connections between you and your partner, and the importance of men as parents.

Getting Your Head On Straight           

People are amazingly adept at creating needless pain and useless suffering, especially when dealing with a chronic disorder such as hemophilia. We do so by imagining false or extremely unlikely events, exaggerating real problems, and trapping ourselves in seemingly impossible contradictions. We will look into how to move from pessimism to optimism in living with a bleeding disorder, as well as learn cognitive approaches that help you deal with typical issues in the bleeding disorders community.

Responding to Angers Call

The workshop focuses on identifying and addressing each participant’s anger style and the different ways we respond to that anger. We all know that anger is a part of life, but each anger style conveys a message.  In a supportive environment, the workshop will allow the members in the bleeding disorder community to identify their primary anger style, and learn techniques to better face the anger that may be hindering them and harming others.  We will discuss alternative opportunities to channel anger in positive ways. Each workshop is tailored to the audience, so topics presented will differ.

Strengthening the Family Connection

A bleeding disorder places a great deal of stress upon people both partners and as parents. That’s why it is essential for them to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. However, clear communication takes time, effort and energy – exactly the qualities often lacking in this community because of ongoing physical problems and frequent medical crises. We all develop quirks of communication and non-communication that have become so habitual we don’t even realize we’re doing them. Here is a chance to review and improve your communication skills both as a partner and as a parent.

A Day of Discovery and Development           

Have you ever met someone or done something that changed your life in a moment?  Of course, we all have.  This is your invitation to join us for over 300 life-changing moments and make the most out of our day!  We’re all doing the best we can with the cards we’ve been dealt.  During this workshop, we’ll reshuffle the deck and draw some new, better cards.  What dreams did you have when you were young? Are those dreams still alive or did you bury them in the pursuit of adult responsibility?  What if there was a way to have both? Through a series of fun, insightful activities you’ll be guided to tap deep into this marvelous opportunity called life.  Working with deliberate playfulness, you’ll clarify your purpose for being on Earth and in your body.  We’ll build a day centered on the most fascinating thing in the universe: you.

You Have the Power: Changing Your Brain 

Your brain is a remarkable organ. It has ten billion neurons that link up in diverse ways to make ten trillion connections. What’s most amazing is that you have the power to intentionally redesign these connections to make your brain work better so you can enjoy a better life. That’s the intent of this workshop, with special emphasis upon how people with bleeding disorders and their families can change their brains. You have the Power!

Reflections of a Journey           

It’s been 30 years since the CDC received its first report of "AIDS in a person with hemophilia” due to a tainted blood supply. Of course this was just the beginning of a string of events that devastated our bleeding disorders community. You’d think we’d be over it by now. But that’s not how it works. People are still suffering and dying from the effects of this epidemic. This seminar is intended to offer participants a chance to reflect upon what has happened to each person individually as well as how our community has been forever altered by tragedy.

Creating Your Goals and Living Your Vision 

In a supportive community environment, those in the bleeding disorder community will learn practical tools and techniques in setting powerful, inspiring and achievable goals.  Whether it’s used to better manage your bleeding disorder, your health, career, or your life, attendees will identify things they are tolerating, and then identify action steps to clear the “roadblocks of life” by examining their underlying concerns and fears that blocks them from taking action.

Participants will then identify and develop their own “breakthrough goals” to begin improving their lives!  Additionally the workshop will explore the development of strategic action plans and identify the individual and community support needed to move people from wishful thinking into direct and effective powerful action! 

Your Miracle, Your Life! 

“There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men forced by circumstances meet” ~ General William Haslsey
This workshop asks you to open yourself up to explore the new paradigm that is in your life…and that is the opportunity to dance with adversity. The adversity of having a bleeding disorder, or another challenge in your life, is inviting you to question, grow, and release an old mindset, and  discover a new and exciting chapter of your life. Your existence will have new purpose and a clearer meaning, your family life will benefit from stronger bonds and a new level of gratefulness, you will recognize your true friends and their importance to you, will have a new sense of focus in your life. The hero’s journey is calling, and a miracle is waiting.  Open  yourself up to become that miracle in your life.

Self-Care for Bleeding Disorder Caregivers: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First 

Caring for someone with a chronic illness can be exhausting.  Bleeding Disorders affect everyone in the family and the person responsible for assisting a loved one can experience a range of emotions from anger and anxiety to pride and satisfaction.  This workshop is designed to help caregivers identify and accept the feelings encountered while caring for a person with a Bleeding Disorder as well as learn how to manage the tasks and feelings associated with being a caregiver with greater ease. You will gain a clearer sense of priorities in caring for a loved one as well as explore the power of delegation and becoming comfortable using it. This workshop focuses on increasing your ability to care for yourself and how to care for your own body and spirit. You will learn to create balance so when you are in the role of caregiver, you are operating at maximum efficiency!

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