What is Inalex Communcations?

Inalex Communications is a national education and support organization dedicated to meeting the emotional, informational and supportive needs of those living with a bleeding disorder. 
If you or your loved ones are looking for support or education for the diagnosis of a bleeding disorder, we create a safe forum for personal engagement where people can embrace, learn and share insight. 
Inalex develops and distributes bleeding disorder education, materials and programs to individuals, families, friends, and professionals in an effective, straightforward and inspiring manner.
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Please browse below to learn more about the population that Inalex Communications serves and how our community helps to improve the overall quality of life for those living with a bleeding disorder.

Who does Inalex Communications Serve?

  • Individuals with a bleeding disorder
  • Family members of those with a bleeding disorder
  • Friends of those with a bleeding disorder
  • Professional members of the bleeding disorder community
  • Anyone who can benefit from a stress-free strategy to increase effective communication with the people who are most important in their lives.

Inalex also serves those who may be:

  • Confused and trying to make sense out of what is happening
  • Having trouble sleeping and experiencing anxiety about the effects of the disorder
  • Caught in recurring feelings of grief; experiencing depression, anger, loneliness and a sense of disconnection
  • Frustrated with the way life seems to be treating you
  • Stuck in your situation with what feels like no way out

How can Inalex help?

Our programs can help in the following ways:

  • Communicate more effectively in close and personal relationships
  • More intentionally share thoughts and feelings
  • Develop closer, more connected relationships with children
  • Deal more effectively with anger, guilt, frustration
  • Plan and navigate major life transitions more easily
  • Balance the areas of your life most important to you
  • Bond with those who share your issues, concerns and values
  • Develop strategies to cope with and manage stress
  • Most importantly . . . an opportunity to Focus on YOUR life and what YOU really need.
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